Jan 25 6:00PM doors, 7:00PM Event 

Dear Original Team Members:

Private Page - We so hope you can be there, as you were an important part of why this event is taking place.

Within a day or so, CONFIRMED will follow your name here. If you see someones name missing (the list is NOT yet complete) please just add the name to the <Message> field in the form as you confirm. 

IF there is an * after your name, Please check the spelling of your name, as that is how it will appear on the Award for Macintosh Development.

The Lifetime Technical Achievement Awards are for every member who signed 'inside the case' ***, and there have thus far been some additions. ** denotes that.

These are NOT yet at all final, so please do comment !! 

Everyone on this list -You will have a ticket +1 (2) waiting for you at Will-Call on the night of the Event. 

Team Member NAME *
Team Member NAME
Confirms you will have an Award and a ticket. you should still check correct spelling for the =award. Original Team members receive an award (of course) whether they can attend or not. see below ##.


Award Recipients

a.) Team that was in Attendance Sept 11, 2013 

Steve 'Woz' Wozniak -Woz.#1 ***

Rod Holt #5- CONFIRMED *** ****

Randy Wigginton #6 – MacWrite -- CONFIRMED ***

Chris Espinosa #8 *** Invited Dec03

Don Breuner #11- MacWrite - CONFIRMED **

Daniel Kottke #12 - - CONFIRMED ***

Ed Ruder #29 - MacWrite - CONFIRMED **

Jerry Manock- #246? - Confirmed ***

Andy Hertzfeld - #435 *** Invited

Guy Kawasaki ** Invited Dec 02

Larry Kenyon - Invited - -CONFIRMED ***

Patti King Kenyon, - Keeper of the Code  -CONFIRMED *** - Invited Dec02

Terry Oyama, Senior Designer with Jerry M.  - Invited ***

Ronald Nicholson, Hardware- Confirmed ***

Donn Denman - - Confirmed  ***

Bruce Horn -  CONFIRMED ***

b.)___ Invited but could not make Sep 11 - schedule conflict:

Mike Boich - Invited ***

Steve Capps ***- Invited Dec02

Susan Kare ** - Invited Dec02

Bill Atkinson INVITED Dec 04 ***

Joanna Hoffman Invited Dec 03  ***

Alain Rossmann Invited Dec 06 **



Mike Markkula - CONFIRMED **

Marc LeBrun - CONFIRMED **

Bill Fernandez -CONFIRMED ***

Lynn Takahashi - CONFIRMED ***

Martin Haeberli - CONFIRMED ***- 

Brian Robertson - CONFIRMED ***

Pamela Wyman 12/2- CONFIRMED ***  

George Crow 12/2- CONFIRMED *** 

Bryan Stearns - CONFIRMED ***

Guy L 'Bud' Tribble III - Invited Dec 08 *** 

Matt Carter *** -Wrong Email

Debi Coleman ***- Invited Dec02

Mike Murray ***- Invited Dec02

Burrell Smith ***

Colette Askeland ***- Invited Dec02

Benjamin Pang ***  -no email

Ed 'Edrid' Riddle ***- Invited Dec02

Patricia 'Pat' Sharp ***  -no email

Linda Wilkin CONFIRMED ***  

David Root ***   - no email

Peggy Aleio   ***   - no email

MaryEllen McCammon  CONFIRMED **   

Hap Horn ***   - no email

Angeline Lo   ***   - no email

Vicki Milledge  ***    - no email

Bill Bull ***   - no email

Berry Cash ***   - no email

Ivan Mach ***   - no email

Laszlo Zsidek ***   - no email

Rony Sebok ** Invited

Robert 'Bob' Belleville ***   - no email

Bob Bailey   ***  (mh)

Caroline Rose - Invited **

Jerome Coonen Invited Dec 06 **

Gary Williams  - Mac Team  */*

Steve Balog - Mac tooling engineer (jm) - No Email  */*

Dan'l Lewin  - Education Mktg  (dl) - Invited Dec06 */*

Sam Lyall CONFIRMED *** 


Steve Hayden **** INVITED Dec 04,

Sir Ridley Scott****CONFIRMED

Mike Markkula**** CONFIRMED;

Rod Holt**** CONFIRMED

 _____ In Memorium__

Steve Jobs ***, Jef Raskin *** , Brian Howard ***,  

? Tom Whitney * (dk); Carol Kaehler • ?


LAA denotes Lifetime Achievement Awards (68)

< *** > denotes 'Inside the Case'  LAA

< ** > Team member another several members have nominated.  LAA

< * > Award Certificate 

<*/*> denotes Pending data

< **** > Special Award (4)

-No Email - We do not have a correct/current email


  • "Invited" after a name only notes if an invite has been sent yet.  Dec08, 2013  Struggling a LOT now with old email addresses ! PLEASE let us know, or alert someone you may know on the list directly! 

  • ALL get a Certificate of Excellence, many the Technical Award 

VIP Guests

Phil Roybal * - CONFIRMED

Barbara Koalkin

David Beaver 

Scott Knaster

Joe Shelton

Rich Williams  Wrong Email 


Lynnea Johnson  added dec06 TedK

Jim Armstrong

Louella Pizzuti added dec06 TedK

Bob Anders   -no email (jm) Documentation

Brad Hacker   -no email - Documentation

Dan Cochran   - No email

Wayne Rosing 

David Ramsey  '86  MacPaint -no email

Frank Ludolph  - out of town then

Dennis Grimm - no email 


Alan Kay -Invited Dec 07

Larry Tesler - CONFIRMED  ••

Al Alcorn

Dick Huston  and Cliff Huston

Wendell Sander #16 - Bounced - Dec 07.

Dan Keller (formerly Smith)  - CONFIRMED Lisa Filer

Gene Carter  - Invited Dec 06

Ted Kaehler -CONFIRMED Dec06 

Bruce Daniels Invited Dec 06

Rich Whicker #320? – Twiggy Team CONFIRMED

Max Graham - Invited


3rd Party Suggested

Tom Petrie  - Thunderware - Outside DEVELOPER

Debra (Debbie) Willrett - SoloSoft - MacProject.


Guest: Barry Katz CONFIRMED   Stanford  Prof. and Silicon Valley Historian.  He has just completed a book on the history of design in SV.  He was at the Twiggy event. Jerry Manock request. 

Colin Holgate - CONFIRMED


Nominated as guests: (another Page)











Crew and Team

Bill Roden eic

Robert 'The Crane Guy' Barcelona, Fred Schuler, 

Timothy Lydgate, Donald Grahame, Peter Meyer, T Gardiner, Jeremiah Jacobs, 




Footnote: ## Shipping and Handling (S&H) TBD.

  1. Mac signatures   10 feb 1982  (47 Names)


    col 1

    Terrell Oyama    

    Jerrold Manock  

    Daniel Kottke  

    Berry Cash  

    Brian Howard  

    Debi Coleman

    Pamela Wyman  

    Bill Bull   

    Bill Atkinson   

    Vicki Milledge   

    Bruce Horn   

    George Crow

    Rod Holt   

    Andy Hertzfeld   

    Angeline Lo   

    Joanna Hoffman   

    Edrid (Ed Riddle)   

    Hap Horn

    MaryEllen McCammon   

    Burrell Smith   

    Jef Raskin


    col 2:

    Guy L Tribble III   

    Peggy Aleio   

    Patricia Sharp   

    Steven Jobs   

    Brian Robertson   

    Ivan Mach

    Larry Kenyon   

    Martin Haeberli   

    Colette Askeland   

    Laszlo Zsidek   

    Chris Espinosa

    Mike Boich


    col 3: 

    Lynn Takahashi   

    Benjamin Pang   

    Bill Fernandez   

    Donn Denman   

    Patti King   Kenyon

    David Root

    Ron Nicholson   

    Matt Carter   

    Robert Belleville   


    Bryan ??? Stearns?

    Randy Wigginton   

    Linda Wilkin  

     Michael Murray