All Planet Studios, the Computer History  Museum and Macworld/iWorld announce a celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the Macintosh.

Jan 25th, Mac@30 event


List of Original Team Members and associates that were part of Mac@30:

 Honored Guests

Mike Markkula #3 - CONFIRMED **

Rod Holt #5- CONFIRMED 

Randy Wigginton #6 -- CONFIRMED ***

Chris Espinosa #8  - Confirmed  *** 

Bill Fernandez -CONFIRMED ***

George Crow 12/2- CONFIRMED *** Panel

Don Breuner #11- MacWrite - CONFIRMED **

Daniel Kottke #12 - - CONFIRMED ***

Ed Ruder #29 - MacWrite - CONFIRMED **

Jerry Manock- #246? - Confirmed ***

Bill Atkinson CONFIRMED  ***

Andy Hertzfeld - #435 Confirmed*** 

Burrell Smith *** - In our Mind

Larry Kenyon - Invited - -CONFIRMED ***

Caroline Rose - CONFIRMED **

Patti King Kenyon, -   - -CONFIRMED *** 

Terry Oyama,   - CONFIRMED ***

Ronald Nicholson, Hardware- Confirmed ***

Donn Denman - - Confirmed  ***

Bruce Horn -  CONFIRMED ***

Steve Capps ***- CONFIRMED

Lynn Takahashi - CONFIRMED ***

Martin Haeberli - CONFIRMED ***- 

Brian Robertson - CONFIRMED ***

Pamela Wyman 12/2- CONFIRMED ***  

Bryan Stearns - CONFIRMED ***

Debi Coleman CONFIRMED c***

Matt Carter -CONFIRMED -*** JAN 21

Colette Askeland -CONFIRMED c***

Robert 'Bob' Belleville  - CONFIRMED c***   

Linda Wilkin CONFIRMED ***  

Linda Wilkin CONFIRMED ***  

Brian Berkeley - CONFIRMED Jan 23

MaryEllen McCammon  CONFIRMED **  

Vicki Milledge  CONFIRMED ***   

Bill Bull CONFIRMED *** 

Jerome Coonen Maybe c **

Bob Bailey   *** CONFIRMED  mh

Dan'l Lewin  - CONFIRMED **

Sam Lyall CONFIRMED *** 

Joe Shelton - CONFIRMED *

David Beaver *-CONFIRMED

Mike Collins *-CONFIRMED

Peter Folley - CONFIRMED

Owen Densmore - CONFIRMED

Bill Wathen - CONFIRMED

J David Egner - CONFIRMED

Deborah Bress  - CONFIRMED *

Steve Scheier -CONFIRMED

Scott Knaster - CONFIRMED

John Casado - CONFIRMED

Lynnea Johnson *  -CONFIRMED

PANELISTS - May be listed 2x___

__ Panel #1 Moderated by John Markoff NY Times

Daniel Kottke, Larry Tessler , Rod Holt, Jerry Manock, Marc LeBrun , 


__ Panel #2 Moderated by Steven Levy Author

Andy Hertzfeld, Bill Atkinson, Bruce Horn, George Crow, Randy Wigginton, Steve Capps and Caroline Rose


___Special Presentation:

Steve Hayden **** CONFIRMED,

Brenton Thomas,  CJ Maupin, Michael Witlin - 


__ Panel #3 Moderated by Dan Farber C/Net

Charlie Jackson , Jim Rea,  Ty Roberts, David Bunnell,  Marc Canter, Heidi Roizen, Marylene Delbourg Delphis, Adam Hertz, Steve Jasik



_________VIP ATTENDEES___

Larry Tesler - CONFIRMED - Panel

Al Alcorn - Confirmed /

Marc LeBrun - CONFIRMED  Panel

John Sculley  - CONFIRMED - Jan 21

Marty Spergel -  CONFIRMED jan 21

Wendell Sander #16 - CONFIRMED

Dan Keller (formerly Smith)  - CONFIRMED 

Gene Carter #14 - Invited Dec 06

Ted Kaehler -CONFIRMED Dec06 

Bruce Daniels -CONFIRMED - Jan 20

Rich Whicker #320? – Twiggy Team CONFIRMED

Claire Masso - CONFIRMED

Phil Roybal * - CONFIRMED


Alan Kay -Invited Dec 07

Ken and Lili Zerbe - CONFIRMED

Dave and Gwen Larson - CONFIRMED

Scott Mize - CONFIRMED Jan14

Bill Duvall - CONFIRMED Jan14

Dan Sokol - CONFIRMED Jan 18

Max Graham - CONFIRMED

Rich Williams   - CONFIRMED jan13

Alfred Mandel - CONFIRMED

Michael Marks - CONFIRMED dk/mh

Barbara Krause - CONFIRMED dh/mh

Regis McKenna

Andy Cunningham

Dick Huston  and Cliff Huston Invited Dec 12


_____ In Memorium__

† Steve Jobs  

† Jef Raskin *** , 

† Aviva Raskin and family***  -

† Brian Howard #32***,   Family -Trish Willcoxon

† Tom Whitney * (dk); 

† Carol Kaehler • (Ted attended)


NOTE: Sir Ridley Sends Regrets:

Sir Ridley Scott**** -   30 years ago! Extraordinary!  I write to you from Spain where I am shooting my latest film BOOK OF EXODUS. We are not scheduled to complete filming until the end of January and so, unfortunately, it will not be possible to join you on the evening of January 25th.

It was an honour then to work with Steve Jobs and his team and I remain proud of the commercial to this day.

Thank you again for such a generous invitation and I am truly sorry not to be able to attend, to see you all, and join in this exciting anniversary.

I wish you very many congratulations and a very successful evening.

Yours sincerely,

Ridley Scott


_____Jan 22+____CONFIRMED/ Staff (ish)




Nominated as guests: 

Guest: Barry Katz CONFIRMED   Stanford  Prof.  Jerry Manock request. 



Crew and Team

Gabreal Franklin, Producer/ Director

Daniel Kottke - Co Producer

Mark Peltzer, Prod Supervisor

Bill Roden eic td

Harlan Felt - Tech/ Hayden

Fred Schuler, Bill Doherty, 

Shirley Gines - PR Outreach -

 Timothy Lydgate , Bergen Franklin,  Jeremiah Jacobs, Mike Mahoney, Nate Stein, Paul Wolborsky, Jerry Sadin, Tom Gardiner, Donald Grahame

Jonathan Zufi 

Chuck Colby 

PA/Volunteers for Credit Roll in show cred.


Mac signatures   10 feb 1982  (47 Names)

col 1 "Inside the Case"

Terrell Oyama    

Jerrold Manock  

Daniel Kottke  

Berry Cash  

Brian Howard  

Debi Coleman

Pamela Wyman  

Bill Bull   

Bill Atkinson   

Vicki Milledge   

Bruce Horn   

George Crow

Rod Holt   

Andy Hertzfeld   

Angeline Lo   

Joanna Hoffman   

Edrid (Ed Riddle)   

Hap Horn

Mary Ellen McCammon 

Burrell Smith   

Jef Raskin

col 2:

Guy L Tribble III   

Peggy Alexio   

Patricia Sharp   

Mac signatures   10 feb 1982  (47 Names) cont.

col 2 cont.

Steven Jobs   

Brian Robertson   

Ivan Mach

Larry Kenyon   

Martin Haeberli   

Colette Askeland   

Laszlo Zsidek   

Chris Espinosa

Mike Boich


col 3: 

Lynn Takahashi   

Benjamin Pang   

Bill Fernandez   

Donn Denman   

Patti King   Kenyon

David Root

Ron Nicholson   

Matt Carter   

Robert Belleville   


Bryan  Stearns

Randy Wigginton   

Linda Wilkin  

 Michael Murray

2. FULL TEAM LIST (125) * for everyone on this list.

rec'd Dec 11, 2013; Official Apple Macintosh Team List Jan 1984

Colette Askland

Bill Atkinson

Marsha Babcock

Bob Bailey

Steve Balog

Susan Barnes

David Beaver

Bob Belleville

Brian Berkeley

Mike Boich


Mike Boys

Jeff Bradley

Debbie Bress

Peggy Brown

Bill Bull

Tom Burt

Mike Campi

Steve Capps

Renendra Chakravorty

Steve Chernicoff


Mike Chisum

Debi Coleman

Bud Colligan

Mike Collins

Jerome Coonen

George Cossey

George Crow

Diane Dalton

Donn Dennman

Gene Dunham


Dave Egner

Ron Egy

Bonnie Endress

Chris Espinosa

Eva Fasano

Gail Fauber

Frank Fennelly

Bill Fernandez

Peter Folley

Hans Gerke


Peter Grieco

Dennis Grimm

Barbara Grisier

John Grooms

Brad Hacker

Martin Haeberli

Jim Hakanson

Meaghan Hardy

Andy Hertzfeld

Pam Hillhouse


Berry (Andy?) Hochfield

Joanna Hoffman

Diana Hogue

Dave Holzer

Toni Homewood

Bruce Horn

Brian Howard

Kim Hyland

George Irwin

Steve Jobs


Lynnea Johnson

Carol Kaehler








Scott Kamins

Susan Kare

Guy Kawasaki

Larry Kenyon

Sam Khoo

Barbara Koalkin

Dan Kottke


Jan Krappel

Kelly Laccabue

Dan'l Lewin

Liz London

Sam Lyall

Ivan Mach

Jerry Manock

Scott Marquardt

Tina Marquez

Bob Martin


Mary Ellen McCammon

Blanche McCoy

JoAnne McManus

Vicki Milledge

Rosemary Morretta

Joan Murosky

Mike Murray

Terry Oyama

Ben Pang

Linda Patterson


Susan Phelan

Chris Plank

Jimmie Quan

Steve Quento

John Rizzo

Brian Robertson

Donatien Roger

Dave Roots

Caroline Rose

Alain Rossman


Sam Sanford

Rita Schaub

Steve Scheier 

Kathy Schlein

Rick Schutt

John Scull

Rony Sebok

Hasmig Seropian

Pat Sharp

Joe Shelton


Burrell Smith

Sam Stanton-Wyman

Lynn Takahashi

Paul Tavanier

Denise Tolan

Sandy Tompkins

Joe Valente

Leslie Van Winkle

Stephanie Wall

Bill Wathen


Denise Wells

Linda Wilkin

Stan Wilkinson

Tricia Willcoxon

Gary Williams