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 "In the Day of the Night"

A little 'Birthday Present' from the Mac30th Celebration a year ago. Still looking for a way to release the entire program. Happy 31 to dear Mac. A 30 min/+ piece of the video from the event, beginning just after the intermission and the Mac Team Photo Op. Enjoy.

This was one of the show reels - but BLUE MEANIES have stepped in and blocked it. Who cares... it's out there, and they cannot stop it.

01: Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh in Boston at the BCS meetings, with a very different, faster and surer presentation of the "Big Blue" speech leading into 1984, then he introduces the Mac Development team.

02: This clip is a shortened, edited version of the first demos of MacPaint and MacWrite. Firstly interesting because Bill Atkinson and Randy Wigginton do such a great job and secondly, it is great to hear the audience react to things we now take for granted.

Mac@30 Event Video: Rod Hold, Daniel Kottke and Woz discuss Early Apple. In a recent interview, the process of building Wire-Wraps and Point-to-point is discussed, in a rather humorous way. This is one of quite a few videos planned to be shown, but not shown in order to allow more time for the people - the panels to go longer.

03: Shortly after the Flint Center Event, Steve Jobs took the team with him to the Boston Computer Society. It was the first public announcement and demonstration of the Mac.

Mac@30 and Day of the Night had several clips prepared for the event, but not played to allow more time for the people. We can always watch a clip, not hearing these folks more important. This is a clip filmed at the Homebrew Computer Club reunion November 11, 2013.

After all, more important than the machines – are the people. 

Traditionally programmers turn the night into day by working late  - this [working title ] the 'Day of the Night' documentary is partially homage to that phenomenon ... not an endorsement of it.

' Early to bed and early to rise is probably an indication of unskilled labor.' motto


As part of this Documentary, the Macintosh 30th Anniversary Event was filmed, celebrating the people behind creating the Macintosh.